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DÜBÖR Switzerland

Our business

DÜBÖR Backtrennmittel und Apparatebau AG in Eiken (Switzerland) has been established in 1986. DÜBÖR‘s owner and CEO Holger Groneweg employs about 20 members of staff in the departments administration, sales and production.

DÜBÖR Switzerland distributes a wide range of releasing agents, lubrication oils which are all made from pure vegetal raw materials which are GMO-free and IFS, HACCP, Kosher and Halal certified.

Furthermore there is a production plant for spraying machines.

Our customers in Switzerland

There are several customers in Switzerland from the nutrition industry, such as producers of bread, cakes, und sweets. All important industrial bakeries and producers of pastry are important customers of DÜBÖR Backtrennmittel und Apparatebau AG. Bakeries with their innovative products are inspiring in developing new releasing agents and technologies.

Construction of spraying machines

We develop, construct and produce spraying machines for bakeries and computer controlled machines for fully-automated industrial bakeries.

Every spraying machine is adjusted for the customer’s process of baking so there is a release without any debris and very little releasing agent’s fog. If there is any cover needed it can be cut and welded from a stainless sheet metal plate.

We produce and construct on customer’s demands

Our employees develop, construct and produce on individual demands according to an optimal process of our customers.

We aim to integrate individually the spraying machine into the customer’s process.

DÜBÖR’s know-how

Since we are always in contact with our customers and because of our know-how we are able to develop innovative products and modern technologies. Due to our experience referring to the development of releasing agents we are able to deliver for every customer a matching product.

Because we are always in contact with our customers, our laboratory is able to develop releasing agents which are referring to the individual customer needs. Thanks to our own production and harmonised spraying machines we are an international leading producer of releasing agents and spraying machines since 1968.

The perfect site

We are located in Eiken/Switzerland near to the river Rhine and close to the borderline to Germany and France, just in the heart of Europe.

Our production plant in Ottmarsheim/France is situated close to the freeway access. From our location in Eiken/Switzerland we deliver our customers with releasing agents, spraying units and spare parts. Also the customer service is being provided from our location in Eiken.

Our roots

Since centuries Holger Groneweg’s ancestors are dealing in agricultural products such as coffee, malt and other high-quality products.


Due to its high quality standards DÜBÖR’s label TRENNAKTIV has become very popular since 1960. The values of Holger Groneweg and his family are tradition, quality and innovation. We pay attention to select only the best raw materials.


Furthermore our products are IFS, HAACP, Kosher and Halal certfied.