Spraying Devices

Releasing agents


BackGlanz fix & fertig

DÜBÖR, dubor, dueboer, Backtrennmittel, Trennmittel, backen, Brot, Kuchen, Kekse, Guetsli, Gebäck, Teig, Blätterteig, Mürbeteig, Sprühgerät, einfach trennen, releasing agent, release agent, bake, bread, Cake, Cookies, dough, spraying device, sweet, sweets

  • DÜBÖR spraying devices are optimally tuned to TRENNAKTIV releasing agents.
  • For bakeries and the baking industry.
  • The spraying units can be customised in a modular conception for your own requirements.
  • Jelly Sprayer for a professional finishing
  • for an incomparable look and a superb taste
  • working in a professional manner
  • for consistent quality